Mobile Applications

The world is going mobile. Why shouldn’t you? A mobile app is a powerful asset that provides countless benefits. Whether you want to expand your branding, or need to help your business flow internally, a mobile app is the perfect solution.

Your mobile device is something that you keep with you all day, everywhere you go. That means you can have a pocket full of useful tools. Think of it as a utility belt.

At Jatrexweb, we design for all shapes and sizes. We love the functionality and design that can be pushed into an effective mobile app. So go ahead. Challenge us with a new idea.

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The world is going mobile. Why shouldn’t you?

Mobile Application Packages

Native App

Native apps a applications installed on mobile devices, taking advantage of device features which otherwise wouldn't have been available over the web.

Mobile Web App

A mobile web app, is a hybrid between a native app and a (mobile) website, in that it lives on the web like a website but looks and behave like a native app.

Mobile Website

A mobile website is the mobile version of a normal desktop site, this could be in the form of a responsive website (targetting smart phones) or a downgraded version of the desktop website to accomodate more devices.